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The content below is primarily intended for the use of the nystagmus research community and to widen the knowledge of anyone with an interest. We aim to provide the latest clinical and experimental developments in the field, and encourage the support of researchers from around the globe.

We hope that pooling the current sum of our knowledge of infantile nystagmus, will stimulate collaboration and encourage further avenues for exploration, and ultimately lead to a prevention or cure for Infantile Nystagmus.

We attempt to list the most important papers relevant to IN. Links are provided to PubMed where available. It is a work in progress and by no means exhaustive. Please contact us if you feel we have missed any relevant articles.

Helping with research

Finding participants to take part in research is vital if we are to continue increasing knowledge and understanding. If you have or your child suffer from nystagmus and are happy to be contacted to take part in certain research projects, please add your name to our confidential database.

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