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Rebecca McLean (MSC, PhD) to join IN-vision’s Research Advisory Panel


IN-vision, the charity furthering research into infantile nystagmus, is delighted to announce that Research Associate in the Ophthalmology Group at the University of Leicester, Rebecca McLean (MSc, PhD) has agreed to join its Research Advisory Panel.

Rebecca has worked in the field of nystagmus for many years and one of her main roles is running clinical trials for potential treatments for nystagmus. Over the years, Rebecca has been in contact with numerous people with nystagmus and their families, and, after listening to their trials and tribulations, came to realise that nystagmus can impact upon an individual greatly. Hearing these recalls from people steered her into an interest in quality of life and how nystagmus affects an individual on a daily basis. Rebecca’s plan for the future is to be able to accurately measure the impact of nystagmus and help others to understand the specific needs of people who have it. Rebecca can be contacted directly at

Liz Charter, Chair of IN-vision said, “We are very pleased that Rebecca is joining Professor Jon Erichsen and Jay Self in their role as providing expert guidance to the Trustees, helping to challenge our ideas and steer us through funding decisions. Rebecca’s particular area of interest is in line with the charity’s aim of improving life for those with nystagmus.

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