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Having An Identity


Another month down, another month closer!

Things are at last starting to take shape though it is still pretty overwhelming. We now have a core team to share the load which is so exciting and to be honest, quite a relief… we know that these guys have expertise and abilities Liz and I do not have & that they can spare a bit of time. Oh and most importantly are up for a few giggles along the way.

Fiona – Volunteer Recruitment & Organisation
Loretta – Rowing Club Recruitment & Organisation
Inge – Fundraising
Julia – Business Sponsorship
Marissa – Video
Paul – Technology & Website
Malcolm – Font of all Knowledge
Woody – Tideway Passage Plan


I mentioned last time that we had started work on the logo… it needed to show the name of the event; the glorious Thames; the fact that I am the loan sculler… but also it needed to be clear, work on kit, paper and social media… and by golly I think we done it. 😎

We played about with some ideas, then called in the wonderful Helen to bring it to life. She understands about colours, layouts, fonts and generally how to make a rough scribble in a note book look professional and crisp. It is strange to think we have our own identity now… it is not just me rowing down the Thames any more, it seems to have a life of it’s own.

Another very important thing… the boat is here and is all set up for me to train in. So the plan is to get used to it and then to do some locks and some long distances pieces. Going through locks is going to be interesting/tricky considering I can’t easily get into the side with the floats on the boat; we are going to have to figure out a way of getting out of my boat easily when I need to. I am reluctant to take the floats off each time I need to get out of the boat, partly because of the time it will take and partly the chances are then higher for it to be put on incorrectly, and so break or fall off between locks.

It is all these little details we are going to have to think about in order to make the row as quick and seamless as possible. With a bit of practice, it will all be fine… I hope!!!

If you would like to know how you can get involved in this, please contact us at and we can send you all the information you might need.

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