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New Research Press Release

IN-vision, the charity furthering research into infantile nystagmus, regularly posts links to new research relating to infantile nystagmus on their website and twitter. August and September have been particularly fruitful months with research being published on genetics; surgery and visual processing.

The latter from Cardiff University, explores how people with infantile nystagmus (IN) occasionally report being ‘slow to see’, a phenomenon that has yet to be accurately defined. The study set out to investigate aspects of motor and sensory visual ‘timing’ and measured the time taken by people with IN to move their gaze towards, and respond to, visual information. The study concludes that although it takes longer to move the eyes towards objects of interest, the time taken to respond to visual information (once the eyes are looking in the appropriate direction) is no different to people with normal sight. In other words, it takes longer for people with IN to redirect their gaze, but visual processing speed does not appear to differ from that of normally-sighted individuals.

For this and links to all related research, and background information into the condition, please visit the research pages at

Also published in August was a review: Nystagmus in paediatric patients: interventions and patient-focused perspectives, which can be viewed in full at